a bucket filled with ice and water pouring out of it

Winterizing Your Rain Barrel

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. Now that it’s finally getting colder outside, it’s time to make sure your rain barrel is ready for the season. Preparing your barrel for winter, or winterizing it, is simple to do and will protect your barrel from damage.

Keep Your Rain Barrel Safe

  • Empty your Rain Barrel

Don’t risk having ice in your barrel! Water expands when it freezes, applying pressure that could crack the barrel or barrel parts.

  • Disassemble Your Rain Barrel

If you plan on leaving your barrel installed at the downspout, we recommend you remove all parts for the winter. This includes the spigot, spigot valve adapter, overflow hose, rubber grommet, and filter screen. If you choose to leave the spigot on the barrel, make sure it is open so that water can drain out of the barrel.

If your barrel uses a diverter, remove the diverter from the downspout and install the winter cover.

Winter Storage

There are two options for proper winter storage, should you decide to completely uninstall your barrel and remove it from the downspout:

  • Bring your Rain Barrel Inside

Store it in your garage, basement, or shed. This is the safest and cleanest storage option for your barrel.

  • Leave it Outside and Cover

You can also cover your rain barrel with a tarp to prevent water from entering the barrel and place a heavy object, like a cinder block or brick, on top of the barrel to keep it stationary.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your rain barrel, please contact us at [email protected].


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