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Voices of Deep Blue: Barbara, Mondawmin

My name is Barbara Anderson-Dandy, and I bring greetings from historic Auchentoroly Terrace. We are the beautiful community facing Druid Hill Park, and our tree canopy is like that of no other in the city. Our partnership with Blue Water Baltimore started three years ago when Darin Crew came to our monthly meeting to suggest areas we could do more planting. We had a whole entourage of people planting trees. For the first time, I learned how to plant a tree. And boy, was it fun.

At first, a few people said, “No, I don’t want the trees because we have to clean up the leaves and so on,” and I said, “Well, rethink it, because I felt that way too until all these trees were planted. It’s such a beautiful thing.” Our partnership with Blue Water Baltimore has been so special. The walkthroughs, how Darin and the team would explain every little part, the different names, answering all our questions about watering and so on. Because I’m not a tree person. I’m really not even a flower person, but now I’ve grown to love trees because of our partnership with them. Even with the planting I was able to get my nails all messed up.

When we go over to the park, it’s much cooler because of all of the trees. It’s been a calming effect for me, just waking up, meditating, and looking at trees out of my front window. That’s all I see is green spaces. I had a young man that came to our monthly meeting, and he said, “Miss Barbara, I just love coming to this area,” and I said, “Why?” He said, “I rode up Mcculloh Street and then I went back down around by Auchentoroly. There so many trees around here!” It really is a beautiful thing.

Barbara Anderson-Dandy is president of the New Auchentoroloy Terrace Association.

Photo Credit: Michel Anderson. 

Deep Blue is an innovative partnership between Blue Water Baltimore, the Neighborhood Design Center, Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Department of Planning, and five neighborhoods throughout Baltimore City.


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