Urban Backyard Transformation

Homeowners in the Greenmount West neighborhood worked with Blue Water Baltimore’s Water Audit Program to transform their urban rowhome patio into a local backyard oasis.

The homeowners’ yard before the transformation.

Blue Water Baltimore provided information and guidance on the process to make the project affordable through rebates for reducing stormwater runoff.

With the guidance of Blue Water Baltimore, the rowhome residents transformed their neglected patio into a backyard haven. Here is their testimonial from the completed project:

“One of our first goals after moving into our historic rowhome in 2012, was to reverse at least a decade of backyard neglect. We spent the next year and a half removing old concrete, packed soil, one unhealthy tree, and undergrowth. This demolition part of the project was actually the hardest, since we kept encountering a lot of bulky hidden debris and roots as we dug deeper.

We then spent the next six months building the yard back up again, with much care and attention to drainage and long-term maintenance. The new backyard features a:

1.    drainage system to draw excess water away from the house, distributing it in the yard along the way
2.    a bluestone patio integrating a checkerboard pattern, with plants and drainage stones
3.    a small, manageable lawn and an adjacent area filled with decorative gravel
4.    raised planting beds for vegetables and a small contemporary water-feature

The completed yard after much care and attention to water drainage.

Exactly two years after we started work on our backyard, we have a space that is cool, green, well drained, and easy to maintain.”

This is one of the many projects Blue Water Baltimore has been proud to make more affordable through our Water Audit Program. Anyone living in a single-family house can reduce one’s eco-footprint by capturing, reusing, or infiltrating stormwater runoff.

Find out more about the program and register. Our staff will work with you to identify projects on your property that not only reduce stormwater runoff, but also enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space.

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