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Blue Water Baltimore Restoration Blitz

Blue Water Baltimore is scaling up our restoration blitz during the summer of 2016 to include two new capital projects that have recently broken ground. As we have noted repeatedly, improved water quality cannot wait, which is why Blue Water Baltimore is here to achieve real results!

Natural History Society

Located in the neighborhood of Overlea, in Baltimore county, the Natural History Society gathers nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and naturalists to drive conservation and ecological literacy. Blue Water Baltimore is working with CityScape Engineering and P. Flanigan & Sons to install a walkable educational landscape path and a rain garden while also removing over 6,000 sq. ft. of impervious parking surface. Upon completion, these restoration projects will treat nearly 14,000 sq. ft. of stormwater runoff, helping to reduce pollution and sediment load entering our waterways.

2015-08-26 18.55.58

Site at Natural History Society, Pre-Construction

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation

Founded in 1830, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation has called this synagogue on Park Heights Ave. home since 1951. Partnering with WBCM Engineering and Environmental Quality Resources (EQR), Blue Water Baltimore is removing impervious surface to treat over a half acre of stormwater runoff. This project will direct stormwater to a new bioretention facility – filtering sediment,controlling overflow, and naturally filtering water before it enters our waterways.

Home to early childhood and youth education, this completed project will also serve as an educational opportunity for members of the congregation and early childhood center.


Baltimore Hebrew Congregation — Under Construction

Ongoing Projects

In addition to our two new projects, Blue Water Baltimore is currently implementing and overseeing several other major environmental restoration projects in the Greater Baltimore area.

Baltimore International Academy

Located in the Frankford neighborhood in Baltimore City, the Baltimore International Academy houses K-8th grade students. In conjunction with P. Flanigan & Sons, Blue Water Baltimore is leading the removal of nearly half an acre of concrete and pavement. After completion, teachers and students will be able to leverage these areas for educational purposes in the classroom!


Bioretention facilities being constructed at Baltimore International Academy

St. Helena Community Center

Residing in a neighborhood that covers both Baltimore City and Baltimore County residents, St. Helena Community Center is a meeting ground for neighbors and community groups. Working with Blue Water Baltimore, three new rain gardens have been added to the facility, covering 1,208 sq. feet and treating over 15,000 sq. ft. of stormwater runoff.


Completed portion of a rain garden at St. Helena

North Ave & Surrounding Neighborhood Street Trees

This project was identified by community leaders as a major priority in the West North Ave Streetscape Conceptual Master Plan, developed by the Neighborhood Design Center. When finished, 450 new street trees will be planted and nearly an acre of impervious surface removed. These urban tree canopies have been shown to reduce energy consumption by providing shade to homes and also reduce water pollution from stormwater runoff.


Impervious surface removed and prepped to receive trees


Completed planting example on North Ave.

Jones Falls Stream Restoration

The Jones Falls Stream Restoration is a stream channel project designed to restore natural stream conditions to this degraded section of jones falls. Our largest single-site project to-date, Blue Water Baltimore has joined forces with Environmental Quality Resources to complete this restoration, impacting 560 linear feet of stream.


Progress at Jones Falls Site

As you can see, Blue Water Baltimore is hard at work making tangible impacts to improve Baltimore’s environmental health. Thank you to our great team of staff, contractors, volunteers, and funders!

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