a woman is shoveling the ground in front of a brick building

The Carrington House Partnership

Earlier this month on November 5, a partnership was launched between Blue Water Baltimore and The Carrington House, a non-profit that specializes in recovery counseling and workforce re-entry.

Blue Water Baltimore aims to provide general job skills, watershed restoration experience, and environmental education during the process of planting street trees.

This fall two Carrington House participants will help our Urban Forestry team plant the remaining 150 street trees within the Oliver and Greenmount West Baltimore neighborhoods.

We look forward to enhancing our partnership with The Carrington House in the spring of 2016, where we intend to plant more than 175 new street trees on North Avenue. By providing placement jobs, we hope to allow employees to climb the employment ladder to a liveable wage. This is a strong first step of moving towards a healthy environment, strong economy, and thriving communities.


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