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Soaking up the Joy of Rain Gardens

One of the most effective ways you can use your own property to reduce polluted stormwater runoff is to install a rain garden. A few years ago, a longtime Ellicott City resident contacted us at Blue Water Baltimore after deciding it was time to create a rain garden when her front yard flooded into her basement during a heavy rainstorm.

To begin the rain garden our Blue Water Baltimore team, went to her home and asked questions to better understand the water issue in her yard as well as to discuss the aesthetic requirements. From there, we moved into the design phase and helped determine the best location and shape for the garden. A variety of native plants, including edibles and medicinals, were recommended for the rain garden, the berm and the conservation landscaping. Once all of the design elements were finalized, Blue Water Baltimore started the installation.


Blue Water Baltimore pulled out a portion of the concrete sidewalk and replaced it with river rock to make it like a dry stream bed. We dug out the area for the rain garden and used much of that soil to create the sidewalk berm. In addition we delivered the plants from the Herring Run Nursery.  After all of the prep work was done, the home owners had a planting party where several friends came over to learn about the rain garden and help put the plants in the ground.

“The rain garden is wonderful. We haven’t had any more flooding issues even though we have had several extremely heavy rains since the rain garden was installed. The rain garden is also beautiful, with so many lovely flowers that attract a variety of pollinators. Blue Water Baltimore is wonderful. I would encourage people to ask lots of questions. The Blue Water Baltimore crew was very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain anything that I wanted to know about rain gardens or the plants,” said the proud rain garden owner in Ellicott City.


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