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Rain Barrel Painting

On July 28th, 2016, Blue Water Baltimore teamed up with the National Aquarium to host their first rain barrel painting event. The event was part of the Aquarium’s Harbor Explorations, a day camp offered for the first time this year through the Aquarium’s Henry Hall Summer Camps program. The Henry Hall Summer Camps program has been providing Baltimore City Public School students with free educational opportunities since 1983.


During the Harbor Explorations day camp, the students learned all about the Baltimore Harbor, its history, its current threats, and how to help protect it. Before the students began painting, Blue Water Baltimore staff reviewed information about the Baltimore Harbor watershed, the connections between stormwater and water quality, and practices used to manage stormwater, like the rain barrels the students were about to paint.

Education Specialist at the National Aquarium, Evan Beatty, said of the event: “I loved that it connected art and environmental science and gave our more creative students an outlet. I think this was also a great way to get our students involved in improving Baltimore’s water quality when they are still too young to build the actual barrels themselves.”  The rain barrels that the students painted will be donated to a Baltimore City Green School for rainwater harvesting use.


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