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Public Comments Submitted

On August 5, 2016, Blue Water Baltimore, in conjunction with the Environmental Integrity Project, submitted three sets of public comments in response to the proposed modifications of the Consent Decree filed on June 7, 2016. After failing to meet the 2016 deadline, this modified proposal pushes repairs to our aging sewer system to 2033.

Comments on Proposed Modified Consent Decree

Comments on Proposed Modified Consent Decree in U.S. and the State of Maryland v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore (Case No. 1:02-cv-01524-JFM)

Priorities to Address Sewage Pollution

BWB infographic Final

Petition Results

From July 25th-August 3rd, Blue Water Baltimore published a series of comments to which constituents could sign in support—creating a united Baltimore citizen voice for clean water.

Our petition resulted in the support of 1,239 individuals, including 784 Baltimore City residents, and 35 community, environmental, and health organizations.

Request to Intervene

On Wednesday, July 27th, Blue Water Baltimore filed a motion to intervene in the modified consent decree. By interevening, we ensure that the citizen voice is represented in the decision-making process in a robust and long-term manner.

The motion to intervene will be processed in the coming months and the public will be notified as to whether the motion is approved or denied. Blue Water Baltimore will continue work behind-the-scenes with our partners and attorneys — informing the public of important new information as it arises.

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