Photovoice Artist Highlight: Pam Moore

At Blue Water Baltimore we know that nobody understands the solutions to the complex challenges facing urban neighborhoods better than its residents. Photovoice is a unique educational workshop series that seeks to empower local communities to see and shape the world around them through the creative process. This post is the first in a series that will highlight the work of our resident researchers in Oliver. You can read more about the Photovoice Oliver Project here: The next series of workshops will be held in Mondawmin this April; Mondawmin residents my contact Blue Water Baltimore’s Outreach & Education Coordinator, Michel Anderson, for more information.

The following photographs and narrative are the work of Oliver resident, Pam Moore.

Gray Areas

This photograph represents a structure that has crumbled for one reason or another. It could be a weakened foundation, stress from natural elements or lack of maintenance. Whatever the reason it is symbolic of a community that needs rebuilding and can be rebuilt because the pieces are still big, strong and sturdy enough for good use.

This photograph represents past, present and future. It has an industrial feel that represents the history of a city’s economy. It has a one way sign on a street that cars no longer use. It has the look of desertion from the sidewalks that have overgrown weeds and has been unkempt. But it has the word “tomorrow” and a train track right above that word leading to a place we can’t see. I found this photograph symbolic of the multi-faceted community of Oliver.

This photograph represents barriers to beauty and growth. The kind of barriers that hide, distort or limit true potential and integrity. It is symbolic of the many barriers that exists and block visions of what can be.

About Pam:
Pam Moore is a new resident of the Oliver community. She moved to Oliver in April of 2015. Since that time she has become active in the community lending her talents and time where they are needed. She is originally from Baltimore City and also works in Baltimore City. One of her hobbies is photography and she enjoys doing freelance photography for her friends and family. She has an energetic three year old daughter who she loves to use as her model.
Check out her photography website:


The views expressed in this post are those of the featured Photovoice participant and not necessarily that of Blue Water Baltimore.

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