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The Photovoice Project: Cherry Hill

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This last autumn, Blue Water Baltimore’s Ecoliteracy & Engagement Manager, Michel Anderson, facilitated a series of three workshops in Baltimore City’s Cherry Hill neighborhood entitled Photovoice: Cherry Hill. The project was generously funded by the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership and the…

Going Green in Greektown

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This autumn, Blue Water Baltimore wrapped up large-scale project and planted 215 trees on 1.2 miles of streets in southeast Baltimore’s Greektown neighborhood. Greektown is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore, but it’s also one of the least…

Photovoice Workshop Series Coming to Cherry Hill

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In partnership with the Youth Resiliency Institute and the Pisces Foundation, Blue Water Baltimore will be hosting a three-part Photovoice workshop series in Cherry Hill this autumn that will culminate in a photography exhibit. Photovoice is an internationally used, grassroots…

Trawling the Harbor for Trash

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When we survey the Inner Harbor, it is easy to see some types of trash. Plastic bottles and bags often float to the surface. But what about those smaller pieces of trash, like cigarette butts and tiny bits of expanded polystyrene foam…