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Do your part. Protect our green spaces in Baltimore!

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What are native, non-native, and invasive plant species? Native species have co-evolved in specific ecosystems for thousands of years. Native plants are anchors of healthy, biodiverse communities. They have adapted to local soils and climate conditions. Each species plays a…

Herring Run Nursery: Online Ordering & PICK UP

Erigeron pulchellus 'Lynnhaven Carpet'
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6/14/2020 UPDATE: We are continuing Online Orders with Curbside Pickup! Please visit our online shop to submit your order. We will contact you within 3 business days to schedule your pickup appointment. We are not offering delivery at this time. Thank…

Make a Nature Collage!

A nature collage of an underwater scene.
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If you’ve got kids at home you need to keep busy or just want a fun activity to do yourself, try making a nature collage celebrating local flora and fauna. Making a nature collage is a simple way to get…

April Showers Don’t Just Bring Flowers

Stormwater flowing into a storm drain on a street.
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We’ve seen lots of rainfall this April, and these April showers don’t just bring flowers. Baltimoreans may be experiencing flooding, sewage backups, and other effects of wet weather. At Blue Water Baltimore, stormwater is always on our mind. We want…