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Caring for Creation: Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

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One of our proudest partnerships last year was with Mount Lebanon Baptist Church (MLBC). MLBC formed their Green Team in late 2017 as part of One Water Partnership, a network of faith communities joined together to care for their waterways.…

Creative Corporate Responsibility: Howard Bank

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As a local business, Howard Bank understands the importance of investing in where you live. And they’ve done just that by partnering with Blue Water Baltimore on a creative campaign that’s a win-win-win. During two annual campaigns, Howard Bank encouraged…

Baltimore Tree Trust: Partners in Greening

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Blue Water Baltimore and Baltimore Tree Trust are both part of the TreeBaltimore partnership, an initiative of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks for all City agencies, organizations, and individuals with the common goal of increasing Baltimore’s tree canopy. As a…

We Are Stronger Together

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BWB supporters and friends, Today was supposed to be the day we launched a month-long celebration of our 10th “birthday” as an organization. In 2010, five small watershed groups came together to invest in the idea that “We Are Stronger…

Rain Barrels: Your Questions Answered

Two brown colored rain barrels.
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With April showers come May flowers, and rain barrels can help keep your gardens blooming and our local streams and rivers clean! Looking to install a rain barrel at home? Here are some frequently asked questions answered by our Restoration…