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National Volunteer Week

Behind every great non-profit organization stands a team of great volunteers! National Volunteer Week, April 12 through April 18, is a time when we celebrate and thank our dedicated volunteers. It marks a time when people across the country find creative ways to engage and improve their community.

At Blue Water Baltimore, we would like to take this time as an opportunity to express our gratitude for all our volunteers who are so integral to the goal of restoring and protecting our rivers, streams and harbor.

It is your dedication to projects like planting and pruning trees, supporting our native plant nursery, monitoring our streams and rivers, and performing trash cleanups and prevention that makes the vision of clean water in Baltimore attainable.

National Civilian Community Corps

During the months of spring we had the pleasure of hosting a group from the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), young men and women who serve 10 months providing team-based assistance to non-profit, government and school-based projects across the region.

From March through April, NCCC has helped us plant more than 180 trees, performed invasive plant removals, helped prepare the Herring Run Nursery for spring sales, removed trash during Project Clean Stream and much more. We were the first stop on their East Coast tour, and we wish them all the best as they continue their journey of service and learning.

We truly enjoyed working with the NCCC team and we asked a few members about their thoughts on working with Blue Water Baltimore.

Dylan Ferreira, from Sonoma, California said, “Along with planting and identifying trees, I have learned that every bit of work we do matters.”

In addition, Andrew Haler, from Johnston, Iowa commented, “You really come to appreciate how much hard work and effort goes into trying to increase the tree canopy and ultimately improve the quality of the water in Baltimore.”


At Blue Water Baltimore, our work is powered by volunteers that help remind us we can make a difference when we come together. In the name of National Volunteer Week, we encourage you to register as a volunteer and join us as we work towards a healthy and thriving watershed.

Keep an eye on our regularly updated events calendar where you’ll see all the myriad ways you can contribute.

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