A nature collage of an underwater scene.

Make a Nature Collage!

If you’ve got kids at home you need to keep busy or just want a fun activity to do yourself, try making a nature collage celebrating local flora and fauna.

Making a nature collage is a simple way to get creative and learn a little bit more about the plants in your neighborhood. You can use natural materials to illustrate your favorite animal, create an underwater scene, and anything else you can imagine! Give it a try using the simple steps below and send us your creations. 

Step 1: Take a walk

Go out into your yard or walk around your block and gather up some fallen leaves, flower petals, bark, and anything else that catches your eye! Look for different colors, textures, and sizes to give yourself a wide range of materials to work with. 

Step 2: Gather materials

Once you’ve collected your natural materials, grab some scissors, a glue stick, and some paper. Set up in a space where you can spread out your materials and get a little messy. 

Step 3: Start crafting! 

Take a look at the materials you’ve gathered and decide what you want to make. You may have a favorite animal you know you want to illustrate, or maybe you’re inspired by a specific item you’ve collected that reminds you of a certain critter. You can cut up your natural materials so they fit into the right shapes you need, like scales or feathers, or you can make use of the existing leaf shapes — some leaves just look like antlers or feathers on their own! Glue the materials to your paper in the arrangement you want. (Not all leaves or flowers will stick, so you may need to pick different materials or just arrange them on the paper without glue.)

Step 4: Share your masterpiece! 

We want to see what you create! Post photos of your nature collages and tag Blue Water Baltimore on Facebook and Instagram. Nature collages also make great Mother’s Day gifts 🙂 

A young girl working on a nature collage
My niece hard at work making a nature collage of an alligator. Pro tip: she used wax paper to trace the alligator from a book, then she attached the wax paper to construction paper so she had the animal’s outline to fill in.
A young girl holding up a completed nature collage of an alligator.
The final masterpiece!

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