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Library Square Stormwater Management

On August 3, Blue Water Baltimore agreed to contract terms with Biohabitats for a MAJOR community greening and stormwater restoration project at Library Square.

This project, Blue Water Baltimore’s largest single stormwater management project to date, will treat runoff flowing into Harris Creek, which has been identified as a city priority and cause of localized flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Project Goals

The goals of the project are to replace 12,800 square feet of traditional sidewalk with innovative and attractive pervious surfaces and install native plant bio-retention features that provide habitat for local wildlife and pollinators.

In total, the project will treat stormwater runoff from 0.56 acres of impervious surface and beautify an area of Baltimore through community greening.

Supporting the Community Design

Moving forward Library Square will be a unique community and ecological destination that is beautiful, safe, and vibrant. Library Square will connect people to the environment and one another. We have a plan, community support, and the funding to transform Library Square within the next couple of years.

Special thanks to everyone who has been working on building support and supporting the community design, enabling the project to get to this important juncture. This includes Kim Schaefer, Steve Preston, Kelly McPhee, Zoe Clarkwest, Banner, and the Southeast Baltimore Community Development Corporation.




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