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Lemonade Stand

Last month, in the heat of summer, three young students from Baltimore’s Roland Park Country School set up a stand to sell cookies and ice-cold lemonade with the goal of donating all proceeds to Blue Water Baltimore.

Working together, the girls spent an afternoon making both plain and lavender lemonade and selling it, along with cookies, to the neighborhood residents.

With their efforts they raised more than $70, which they donated to Blue Water Baltimore to help support our mission of clean waterways.

When we asked what motivated them to work with Blue Water Baltimore, the girls said they wanted to do something to help out a local charity. With the assistance of their parents, the group found us on Charity Navigator. They said they fell in love with all of the great work that Blue Water Baltimore is doing for our city.

“I think it’s important to think about the environment because the world is getting polluted, with cars and gas and polluted water. I’m disturbed that humans cause this, and it’s not fair to the animals. I think everyone should bike and use rowboats, instead of cars and gas-powered boats,” said the 10-year-old students.

All the staff at Blue Water Baltimore send a special heartfelt thank you to the girls for their outstanding efforts in raising money for a good cause. It just goes to show that anyone, at any age, can make a true difference!

Lavender Lemonade Recipe
  • A handful of dried lavender buds
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Fresh lemon juice

Mix dried lavender buds with hot water; steep to make tea. Mix the tea with plain lemonade, which includes water, sugar and fresh lemon juice. The girls used a juicer to juice the lemons and added the lemon peels to the mixture. Proportions to taste.

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