Join the #Litterati: Help Crowdsource Cleaner Streets

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Trash in our streets and parks is a big problem in Baltimore.

On Monday, January 19th 2015  join residents across the city and county to start doing something about litter. We’ll begin by tackling this problem, one piece of litter at a time. In honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, Blue Water Baltimore is sponsoring a unique “virtual” volunteer event called “#Litterati Baltimore”.

All day long people across Baltimore who find litter will document it on Instagram and then dispose of it! 

#Litterati is a global social media effort, one that calls attention to the problem of litter and utilizes crowdsourced data to help come up with solutions.

The process is simple:

  1. See a piece of litter.
  2. Post a photo of it on Instagram using hashtags.
  3. Put it in the trash.
Example of a #litterati photo with tags and location set properly, ready to share.
Example of a #Litterati photo with tags and location set properly, ready to share.

Each photo should contain at least two hashtags (#Litterati #bluewaterbmore) and preferably two more: #[material] and/or #[brand]. Common hashtags include: #paper #cigarettes #plasticbottle #styrofoam #plasticbag #marlboro #starbucks etc.

Also, before you upload each photo make sure to select “Add to Photo Map” but do NOT use the “Name This Location” feature.  Naming the location will override the geolocation data used by #Litterati, making the placement on the map less

When you use these specific hashtags, the photos are automatically added to a global online “Digital Landfill“.  The litter will be documented with location and material.

Plus, because you are collecting every piece of trash you document the streets will be cleaner.

We encourage you to work for at least 90 minutes, ideally with a goal of documenting at least 45 pieces of trash.  Working in pairs or small groups will make this easier and more fun.

Pick a spot in your own neighborhood, near your school, or outside your office.

Be flexible and think creatively: make the day your own.

Please RSVP if you intend to participate!  That way we can update you on your collective success and keep you updated in case there are extra cool additions to the event!

Sign up here:

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