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Invasive Plant to Avoid: Burning Bush

This week is National Invasive Species Awareness Week. Herring Run Nursery will be focusing each day on one invasive plant and a native alternative.

Don’t Plant: Burning Bush

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) is planted by unsuspecting home-owners for its brilliant red color. However, many Burning Bush lovers don’t realize that this “wow-factor” shrub can quickly invade forests, and force out native plants with its dense thickets.  Burning Bush is a prodigious seed producer, and seeds can be spread far by birds.  The displacement of native shrubs and perennials has negative consequences for the ecological health of our communities.

Native Alternatives: Viburnum Nudum ‘Brandywine’

While the brilliance of Burning Bush is unique, there are native alternatives that will bring you that autumn color and boost the eco-impact of your garden.  If your looking for a shrub with beautiful red-foliage try the native cultivar Viburnum ‘Brandywine’ (Viburnum nudum).  The glossy maroon-red autumn leaves and vibrant full berries will provide the “wow-factor” of the Burning Bush, while giving food and shelter for beneficial wildlife.

We carry this shrub, as well as several other varieties of native Viburnums at Herring Run Nursery. The Nursery will open for the Spring season on March 22nd, with weekend sales beginning on April 1st.


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