Four Ways You Can Prepare for Your Water Audit

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After waiting patiently all winter, our water audit team will soon be back in the field conducting home site assessments!

After you sign up for a Water Audit, our staff contacts you to schedule a personal appointment. And if you have a site visit coming up, here are four ways to get the most out of the visit to your home:

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  • Get online! Explore our website to learn about the  solutions we may recommend for your property, and the incentives we offer for implementation. Have a list of ideas and questions ready for us when we arrive.
  • Go outside! Take a stroll around  your building and yard. Count the number of downspouts on your building. Also,  get familiar with the trees on the property and areas where new trees might be planted.
  • Watch the rain! The next time it rains, put on your slicker and boots so you can get out to see your home in action. Observe the water moving and flowing across your property, and note where it goes afterwards
  • Create your vision! We want our recommendations to fit your lifestyle. How do you use your outside space and  how would you like to use it in the near future? You don’t need a design plan: just sharing your ideas for your yard with us will make your water audit much more successful. Tell us about the issues or challenges that affect your yard, and consider opportunities to transform unused spaces into outdoor rooms in which you will love relaxing.

Do you need to do anything before the visit? Not at all.

But if you can make time to take these four steps before your audit, your preparation will absolutely result in an experience that is much more fun AND productive. Just thinking about your space and considering new opportunities is a great way to prepare for your Water Audit site assessment.

And if you haven’t yet signed up for your free water audit, it is definitely not too late. Sign up now online!