Fifty Trees in a Day

Blue Water Baltimore Watershed Restoration Crew and Baltimore City Forestry brought 50 street trees to the Oliver Neighborhood, all in one work day! That is an average of six trees per hour!

Many thanks to the crew and forestry team for bringing Oliver an instant tree canopy, right on time for summer! We also send a special thank you to the Chesapeake Bay Trust for providing the funding for this amazing effort.

Trees have measurable impacts on the quality of our water, including slowing and absorbing runoff, filtering out pollution, and cooling the water for wildlife.

At Blue Water Baltimore we also love the benefits that trees provide for Baltimore’s communities. Trees add beauty to our neighborhoods and increase property values. They reduce air pollutants and release fresh oxygen, keeping our houses, yards, and streets cooler.

Plant A Tree

Join Blue Water Baltimore and volunteer to plant a tree in a local park or at a neighborhood school. Get started today!

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