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New Changes to the Stormwater Fee

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Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) recently announced several changes to the City’s Storwmater Remediation Fee, based on citizen feedback. Blue Water Baltimore supports these policy changes, and appreciates DPW’s approach to making changes, which include: Tax-exempt veterans’ organizations…

The Photovoice Project: Mondawmin

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This spring, Blue Water Baltimore’s Education & Outreach Manager, Michel Anderson, facilitated a series of three workshops in Baltimore City’s Mondawmin neighborhood entitled Photovoice: Mondawmin. The project was generously funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the National Fish &…

5 Plants You Thought Were Native

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Because native plants have a long co-evolutionary history with the native wildlife of a location, they are uniquely well-suited choices for the modern garden. In this age of climate-change and habitat destruction, our gardens should do more than just look…

5 Edible Native Plants!

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In honor of the Baltimore Herb Festival this Saturday, we’ve been thinking a lot about native edible plants. Guest blogger Skylar Gibbons-Reich, manager of Hidden Harvest Farm and Herring Run Nursery edible plant expert, put together this guide of five…

Aphids and Native Plants

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This time of year you will probably notice Aphids clustered along stems and leaves in your garden.  Many gardeners ask themselves what to do about Aphids.  Our answer is simple: If you want your garden to support the ecosystem, leave…

2016 Recap from the Water Quality Monitoring Team

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During the winter months, our Water Quality Monitoring Team’s tidal fieldwork goes on temporary hiatus.  But every year from April through November, we take our boat out once per week to monitor water quality in the Baltimore Harbor, Middle Branch,…