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2022 Spring Tree-planting Season Finished!

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Blue Water Baltimore just wrapped up another great tree-planting season. This spring, we planted 358 trees with 282 volunteers!  Irvington We kicked off the 2022 planting season in the southwest Baltimore neighborhood of Irvington. Our staff partnered with leaders from…

One Congregation’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

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Just miles from bustling downtown Baltimore City, Stillmeadow Community Fellowship sits on 10 acres of serene, undisturbed forest land. The land serves as a community peace park—with open trails and thousands of healthy trees. In the Fellowship’s parking lot and…

‘Tis the Season For Deer Rub

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Why do white-tailed deer rub their antlers on trees? Each spring, male deer (also called ‘stags’ or ‘bucks’) grow a new set of antlers. In the fall, these bucks rub their antlers on young tree trunks. Rubbing removes an itchy,…

How to Plant Your New Free Tree

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Right tree, right place. Congratulations, you decided to plant a new tree! Depending on the species, trees can live for a few decades and up to a few centuries. So choose wisely! Before you dig, do research on native trees…

Tree Species Availability for Ridgely Manor Park Giveaway

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Take home your own free tree! Blue Water Baltimore is partnering with the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, NeighborSpace, the Ridgely Manor Community Association and the Green Towson Alliance to offer residents a variety of native tree…