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General Assembly Overwhelmingly Votes to Protect Clean Water!

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As of last week, the Maryland General Assembly was considering amendments to (SB863) Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, a bill that would strengthen the state’s polluted runoff law while at the same time giving local governments greater flexibility to fund and…

Help the Watershed Restoration and Protection Legislation

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About the Legislation The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program (HB987), passed in 2012, is the framework within the ten largest jurisdictions in Maryland that works to manage local polluted runoff which is contributed from impervious surfaces. Supporters of the law have…

Ban The Bag In Baltimore?

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On Monday night, Baltimore City Council approved amendments to its bag bill, removing the proposed fee and adopting a ban on plastic shopping bags. While a ban on plastic bags is a step in the right direction for the environment,…

New Water Quality Signs Protect Residents

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New water quality advisory signage may now be found at access points to rivers and streams in the Baltimore area in an effort to inform the public regarding specific health-related waterway precautions. Advisory Signage The advisory signage from Baltimore City…

Blue Water Baltimore Challenges Stormwater Pollution Permit

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Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, David Flores, joined attorneys from Earthjustice, Khushi Desai and Jennifer Chavez, at the Baltimore City Circuit Court on September 8, to present oral argument that legally challenged the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to improve the…

Baltimore Disposable Bag Bill

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In late April, Baltimore was slammed by three consecutive days of torrential rain. Storms come and go in this city though, and after a few days of sunny skies, memories quickly fade. This particular bout of severe weather will be…