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What’s That Fly? Tiger Bee Fly

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The diversity of insects in Maryland is sometimes astonishing. And in a healthy environment – full of native plants and free of pesticides – complex webs of life evolve. The webs often include what gardeners sometimes refer to as “beneficial…

BEE-more Native!

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Not sure which plants to use in your garden this spring? Go native! Plants native to an area are more well-suited to that area’s climate and soil, requiring less maintenance once established. Besides being good for you, native plants are…

Six Great Native Plant Lectures, New for 2015

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Wondering why using native plants in your garden is so important to the environment? Curious about which plants, and planting strategies, are best for attracting birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife? To make it easier, we are offering six great…

Leave the Leaves Alone

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Resist the urge to bag up the leaves from your yard, sidewalk, or roadway. Leaves from you trees provide natural fertility to your turf grass, offer crucial shelter for overwintering wildlife, and are a free source of mulch for your garden beds.

How to Budget Your Native Plant Garden

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A native plant garden full of healthy, well-chosen plants is a joyous place: beautiful and full of wildlife. Too often, though, native plant gardens end up being something less than joyous. One the primary reasons that people are disappointed with their…