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The Carrington House Partnership

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Earlier this month on November 5, a partnership was launched between Blue Water Baltimore and The Carrington House, a non-profit that specializes in recovery counseling and workforce re-entry. Blue Water Baltimore aims to provide general job skills, watershed restoration experience,…

Fifty Trees in a Day

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Blue Water Baltimore Watershed Restoration Crew and Baltimore City Forestry brought 50 street trees to the Oliver Neighborhood, all in one work day! That is an average of six trees per hour! Many thanks to the crew and forestry team…

Five March Ways to Get Ready for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner, which makes March a perfect time to get started on garden preparation. Here are five things you can do this month to get moving:  CLEAN UP: If you still have leaves on your lawn or…

Four Clean Water Rules for Ice Removal

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When it snows or rains ice, people purchase de-icing salt and apply it to their roads and sidewalks. When the salt melts the snow or ice, the salt washes away into our storm drains and streams as untreated polluted runoff. During…

YouthWorks 2013 A Big Success

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Since 2003 Blue Water Baltimore has enjoyed hosting a team from Baltimore City’s YouthWorks program. In 2013 we trained and employed eight high school students for six weeks, teaching them the skills to maintain Baltimore’s urban forest. The trainees worked…