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Legislative Priorities in 2018 for Blue Water Baltimore

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The Maryland General Assembly convenes January 10, and this session Blue Water Baltimore will be in Annapolis, working with partners, legislators, and constituents like you on two laws to protect communities and our waterways.  We will focus on phasing out…

Free Trash Cans: A Huge Win for Clean Water!

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By this point, you have probably heard that Baltimore City Department of Public Works has begun to distribute municipal trash cans to all households throughout the city. This is the culmination of many years of effort by individuals, community groups,…

Blue Water Baltimore Goes To Washington

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[Note: Elise Bruner is Blue Water Baltimore’s Community Organizer.] On March 2, Blue Water Baltimore’s Executive Director, Halle Van der Gaag, Stormwater Program Manager Erin Bennett, and I traveled to Washington, D.C. for Choose Clean Water Coalition’s annual Chesapeake Bay Day…

Harris Creek Connected

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Did you know that much of East Baltimore is connected by a creek that is not visible above ground? Harris Creek is an underground creek in East Baltimore that runs from Clifton Park to Canton. The creek runs through the…

Clean Water Starts in Communities

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City of Neighborhoods Baltimore is often called a city of neighborhoods. Each one is unique, and has individual strengths and needs. Residents are experts in their own community. Many are master gardeners or trash warriors, who have years of experience…