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Creative Corporate Responsibility: Howard Bank

As a local business, Howard Bank understands the importance of investing in where you live. And they’ve done just that by partnering with Blue Water Baltimore on a creative campaign that’s a win-win-win.

During two annual campaigns, Howard Bank encouraged its customers to switch from paper statements to electronic statements, which benefits both the environment and the bank’s bottom line. For each customer who made the switch, Howard Bank pledged a donation to Blue Water Baltimore. They ended up with 6,459 new e-statement enrollments, saving more than 42,000 pounds of paper and 29,000 gallons of gasoline per year.*

Howard Bank has been a Blue Water Baltimore sponsor-partner since 2018, when they moved their headquarters to the waterfront in Canton.

CEO Mary Ann Scully shares, “Howard Bank’s perspective on creating value has always been to build a legacy through establishing relationships with the people and communities that we serve. Through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program, we’ve been able to partner with incredible organizations such as Blue Water Baltimore where we share a commitment to building strong communities and protecting our environment for today and tomorrow’s generations to come. We both believe that our organizations are only as sustainable as our communities. Our team truly enjoys getting their hands dirty and working alongside Blue Water Baltimore in the city that we all call home.”

Over the years, they have also become one of our most reliable volunteer groups! Howard Bank employees spent nearly 100 hours planting and maintaining trees in the Belair-Edison and Robert W. Coleman neighborhoods in 2019. Look for them at future planting events in their signature black t-shirts.

*Based on household averages from

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