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Connect with others who are passionate about restoring the water quality, get involved in the clean water movement, and stay informed about our news, programs, and events.

Volunteering with Blue Water Baltimore is a fun way to make an immediate difference in the health of your local watershed.

View our calendar of events and sign up to help protect and restore Baltimore’s waters! There are many ways you can help through single events or ongoing projects.

Your donation helps us reduce pollution so we can help ensure clean waterways and thriving communities. When you give to Blue Water Baltimore, you are contributing towards monitoring our waterways for pollution, advocating for stronger environmental laws, educating schoolchildren about protecting the environment, cleaning up tons (literally) of trash, and reducing polluted runoff.

Use our online Pollution Reporting Form or contact your local environmental agency to make a report on any of the following: fish kill or algal bloom, floating debris that poses a hazard to boating navigation, illegal fishing activity, public sewer leak or overflow, oil or hazardous material spill, or critical area or wetlands violation.

Our monthly newsletter and emails are packed with the latest news, stories, and ways you can take action to help restore our waterways and the environment.

Use our online tools to send messages to city, state, and federal decision makers on important issues that impact our waters.

Some of our most popular volunteer events are the Canoe-N-Scoop trash cleanups that we hold with the support of Baltimore Recreation and Parks. We are immensely grateful to the many fantastic volunteers who come to our events.