2019 Annual Report

Jenn Aiosa holding a bicycle wheel
A fun find during Cheers to Clean Water 2019


In the midst of a global pandemic, local restrictions on daily activities, and ongoing modifications to our work to protect our local waterways, 2019 seems like a distant memory. For me, though, the current COVID-19 crisis has reinforced the clear connections between clean water and the health of our communities. 

I am reminded that it was not that long ago that Blue Water Baltimore rolled out new rapid bacteria testing in the Inner Harbor to bolster our long-term water quality monitoring data. Just last year, we helped pass a citywide ban on single-use plastic bags and released a report on obstacles to green stormwater infrastructure in Baltimore City, all helping to reduce pollution.  

In 2019, Blue Water Baltimore continued our community-based restoration work with dedicated, energetic partners like Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church and expanded our ecoliteracy offerings for students across our watersheds. We closely tracked Baltimore’s City Sewer Consent Decree and worked with partners to raise concerns about the impacts on residents who experience sewer backups into their homes when it rains. We planted more trees, prevented a lot of trash from washing into our Harbor, and found creative ways to share information with our growing community of clean water allies, like you!

Below, you’ll find these stories and more. You can also download a mini-report to share.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission and our work. We look forward to brighter days, cleaner water, and stronger communities ahead!    

Jenn Aiosa,
Executive Director 

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Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2019 audit has been delayed.
These numbers
represent unaudited financials.
A complete audited financial report is available by writing to:
Director of Finance,
Blue Water Baltimore,
2631 Sisson St,
Baltimore, MD 21211




Individuals and Families

Ellen and Jim Adajian Kenneth Grant Susan O’Connor
Phyllis and Maurice Adams Christina and Jeffrey Gray Mark O’Connor
Mark Adia Robert Gray Ryan O’Conor
Eitan Aghion Jefferson Gray Lauren Olasov
Mary and Peter Agre Anne Gray Dan and Cynthia O’Leary
Shoshana Agus-Kleinman Liane and John Grayson Sean O’leary
Anayezuka Ahidiana Susan Gresens and Mark Wolfire Stafford Oliver
Jenn Aiosa and Rich O’Brien Joel Grove Meg Oliver
Alexandra Alatzas Donna Gugel Niall O’Malley
Pat and Priscilla Alexander Shannon Light Hadley Jill Oneill
Margaret Allen and Philip Perkins Blair Hagan and Will Gee Eileen O’Neill
Linda Ames Ned and Cindy Halle Michael O’Pecko
Clare Amoruso Gregory Ham Jo-Ann Orlinsky
Evy and Judd Anderson Joy Hamilton Randall and Stephanie Osteen
Barbara Anderson Catriona Hanley Ted and Ashley Paff
Blair Andrew Tia Harris Anand Pandian
Neilson Andrews Pamela Harris John Papagni
Donor Anonymous Michael Hartwell Catherine Papantonio
Anonymous Michael Haskell Nancy Park
Anonymous Ed Hatcher and Angie Cannon Maggie Park
Anonymous Jennifer Haythornthwaite Jon Parker
Anonymous Richard and Peggy Heffern Lisa Parker-Lent
Anonymous Robert Hegarty Fred T Parks
Anonymous Rebecca Heidkamp Corrie Parks
Andrea Appleton Ray Heil and Marcia Metzler Joan Partridge
Ruth and George Aranow Bruce and Mary Ann Henderson Jenn and Michael Paulson
Susan and Lawrence Artes Shauna Henderson Ben and Emarie Payne
Rebecca Ash Natalie Hendler Ben Peeters
Bruna Attila Lee Hendler Alan Penczek
Craig Auerbach Rosemary Hendricks Susan Perkins
June and Tom Badgett Polly Heninger Roz Perry
Carol and Rosemary Badgett John Hennegan Daniel Perry
Art Baer Nadia Hensley Kristen Peterson
Chad Bailey Laura Henson Daniel Petrus
Michael Barberio Laura Hesselton Joann Pettinicchio
Richard and Kimberly Barnes Alexandra Hewett Kathryn Petty
Kiara Barnes Lauri Hidalgo Margaret Phenicie
Howard Barr Andrew Hinz Mark and Samira Phillips
Bill Barry and Joan Jacobson Robert Hobson Bruce and Helen Phillips
Donna Basik Kim and Judy Hodgson Rebecca Phillips
Kevin Bass Meghan Hoffmann Jessica Pierre-Louis
Kimberly Battista Gregory Hoffmann and Elizabeth Houghton Wally and Jillian Pinkard
Denise Baum Patricia and Norman Hogeland David Pittenger and Twig George
John and Mary Ann Beckley David and Teri Hollander Robert Poirier and Martha Barss
Betty Beckley David Hollens Robert Pollin
Colin Beckman Guy and Pam Hollyday James Pollin
Mark Beckstrom Sandra Holmes Jacob Pomerantz
Libby Bryce Bell Sarah Holter Bobbi Ponce-Barger and Curtis Barger
Patrick Bell Debbie Holter Jenifer Popalis
Christopher Bellmyer Rebekah Horowitz Francesco Porcarelli
David Benack Franklin Horstman Matt Post
Erin and Brian Bennett William Howard Leanna Powell
Catherine Bentsen Eleanor Howell Lisa Pupa
Susannah Bergmann and David Huber Elissa Hozore Lia Purpura and Jed Gaylin
Billy Best Annie Huber Meredith Purvis
Amanda Best Todd Hufnagel Bette Quandt
Dawn Beveridge Ann and Richard Hunter Mary Quick
Bev Bickel Reed and Kathleen Hutner Marian Raben
Bernadette Bindewald Lois and Albert Hybl Steven Ragsdale
Jean and William Blair Stephen Hyde Anne Raines
Carole Blake Elisabeth and Matthew Hyleck John and Marsha Ramsay
Brian and Sara Block Stacey Hylenski Rebecca Ranich
Mia Blom Francis and Harriet Iglehart Brian Rappaport
Montague Blount Matthew Itkin Ian and Laura Rashkin
Bradley Boban Eric Jack Steven and Nancy Raskin
Carolyn and John Boitnott Laura and Daniel Jacoby Matthew Reid
David Bosser Melvin Jadulang Mark and Melissa Riccobono
Peter Bouxsein and Jodi Dunn Chris, Jaclyn, James and Jill O’Neill Sarah Rice
Margaret Boyd Meyer and Arthur Boyd Michael Jazwiecki Meg Rice
Cassandra Boykin Rob and Melissa Jenkins Katherine Richardson
David Brainerd Mckay and Katherine Jenkins Pat and Stuart Rienhoff
Lauren Brandow Robert Jenkins Matthew Riggin
Susan Brannigan Jessica Jenkins Bruce Rineer
Michael Braverman and Lisa Dale Kane Cynthia and Robert Jillson Melissa Riorda
Christopher Bray Kirsten and Dwight Johnson Steven Robinson
Angela and Dr. Bill Breakey Robert Johnson Lydia Robinson
Peggy Brennecke and Mark Hyman Martha Johnston Betty Robinson
Jean Brenner Joyce Johnston Benjamin Robinson
Angie Brickhouse and Troy Robinson Sally Jones David and Letitia Robson
Bernadette Fowlkes Bridges Annette Jones-Wilson Richard and Diane Roca
Cathy Brill and Louis Carlat Jill Jonnes Bernadette Roche
James Brochin Michelle Joshua Jane Rogers
Kim Brock Lisa Junker Lynnette Rose
Michael Broida Betsy Kadow Aislyn Rose
Robert and Annie Brown Jeremy Kargon Daniel Rosen
Stephanie Brown Deana Karras Jann Rosen-Queralt and Phillip Campbell
Karl Bublitz Richard Kasputis Phoebe Rostov
Mary Catherine Bunting Nancy Kass and Sean Tunis Maura Roth-Gormley
Mercedes Burns Jonathan Katz Fran Rothstein
Angus and Dana Burton Gregory Katz Kristin Rowles and Paul Ferraro
Timothy Byrd Linda and John Kay Judith Rubinstein
Bill and Pamela Cady Shawn Keane Stephen Rudow
Tanya Campbell Andrew and Jennifer Keir Susan Rudy
Nina Beth Cardin Jodi Kelber-Kaye Johna Ruffo
Hyla Carey Michael Keller Peter Russell
Kathleen and Gregory Carmean Jill and Sean Kelly Andrew Russell
Michael Carson Ellen Kelly Katharine Rylaarsdam
Cheryl Casciani Kyle and Jennifer Kerner Edward Sabin
Beth and Thomas Casey Erin Kerr Nancy and John Sacci
Dana Casparriello Moe Khalil Lora Salvatore
Neil Castine Helen Kiefert Anna Samuelsohn
Rebecca Castle Stephen King Jane Santoni
Ingrid and Samantha Castronovo Richard Klein Jacqueline Sasser
Barbara Cates and Matthew Stremba Mark Klotzbach Stacia Sauerwein
Jill and Jon Cecil Vicki and Larry Kloze John and Sarah Savage
Paul Cerino Kristin Kluge Kathryn Schaafsma
Karen Cervino Miriam Knuth Brough Schamp and Dr. Carol Newill
David and Elizabeth Champney Hannah Koenker and Joshua Ratner Garrett Schiele and Lisa Nguyen
David Chapin Adrienne Kols and John Boronow Lauren Schiszik
Bambi Chapin George Kosmides and Jean Deigan-Kosmides Hristina Schlaggar and Bradley Schlagger
Taia Chase Anne and Tomek Kott Charles Schlauch and Ellen Udovich
Jeffrey Chiucchi Nora Kotula Carol and Charles Schlemm
Steven Chow Davida Kovner Brian Schleter
Martha Clark Allen and Pamela Krum Howard and Frances Schloss
David Cloutier Valerie Kuzniarski Daniel Schlozman
Dawna Cobb John Kwedar Debbie Schmidt
Ben Cohen Iris and Brian LaChapelle Sarah and Michael Sedlak
Stephanie Coldren Betsy and Steve Lafferty Elliot and Ann Segal
Chris and Pamela Coleman Barb and Bob Lagas Robert Seidel
Sarah Collins Patricia Laibstain Gregory Sell
Andrew Collins Charlotte Landgraf Carlton and Betsy Sexton
Charlie Conklin Geri Langan Virginia Seyler
Paul Converse and Wienshet Teklu Eileen Lankford Scott Shane and Francie Weeks
Christine Corbitt Jenna Laube Alex Shangraw
Charles Cornell Chris Lavoie David Shapiro
John Cornwell Edward Layfield Kevin and Jennifer Shea
Anthony and Mary Sue Corteal Stephanie Leach Bob Shedlock
Jody Couser Deborah LeClair Amy Sheridan
Nancy and Thomas Van Coverden Phillip Lee Jay Sherman
Doris Cowan David and Rebecca Leege Christopher and Jane Shipley
Nancy and Jim Cox Robert and Nancy Lefenfeld Jan Shipley
Melanie Crawford Amy Lefenfeld Michael Shirey
Susie Creamer Gita and Martin Lefstein Alex “Sandy” Short
Diane Cripps Tony Lehman Lee Shropshire
Barbara Cross Mary Lehman Barrie Siemek
Pat Crossland-Smith Ed and Karen Leland Marjorie Simon
Julie Crudele Debra Lenik Rosanne Singer
Barbara and Frank Cutko Benjamin and Clare Lentz Charles and Megan Skinner
Christopher Czarra Cal Leonard Wayne Skinner
Paul and Sandra Dagdigian Robin Leone Paul Smail
Gislin Dagnelie and Brenda Rapp Kirsten Lessner Zachary Smith
Emily Dahl Kenneth Letendre Ryan Smith
Anditria Dailey Roberta Levine Lisa Smith
Jacqueline Dalton Noel Levy Kirsten Smith
Sarah Daly Mary Lewis Grace Smith
Elise, David and Daniel Saltzberg Nancy Lidard Patricia Parsley and James Snodglass
Carol and Gregory Davis Terry Lierman Ann Snoeyenbos
Nancy Davis Nate Lin Dena Snyder
Jeff Davis Luke Lindahl-Ackerman John Sondheim
Denise Davis Priscilla and Wally Lippincott Jeffrey Soulen
Leslie Deickman Cecilia Liss Anthony South
Jeanne Deignan-Kosmides Alison and Frederick Lohr Daniel Spack
Erica Denner Sarah and Henry Lord Sandy Sparks
Barbara Dent Heather Lowe Benjamin Spencer
Brian and Kelly Dettmann Wuyuan Lu Philip and Melissa Spevak
Caprice Obinger Devereux Victoria Lucas Shaun Spisak
Brian DeVincentis Douglas Lyford Bonnie and Stuart Stainman
Tracy Devine Dr. Carolyn Machamer Terry Staudenmaier and Daniel McCarthy
Daniel Dewberry Robert Macht Ivan Stefanovic
Mike Dick Diane Macklin James Stierhoff
Becky Diehl Margaret Macleod Elizabeth Stierhoff
Jennifer Difrancesco Jeannie and Thomas Maddux Melva Stokes
Erik Dihle Alex Maestretti John Stolle
Lewis Diuguid Jason Mager Kathy Stolle-McAllister
JoAnne Dolan Alice Magorian Michelle Stone
Todd Dolbin Susan Mahony Elizabeth and Thomas Stosur
Elyza Dolby Laura Malick Doug Streaker
Rick and Kathy Donovan Patrick Mallon Mary Lou Stromer
Sharon Donovan Thibault Manekin Barbara Styrt
Charles Dorsey Bruce and Suzanne Manger Donald Michael Suica
Margaret Downing Frank Margolis Bridget Sullivan
Carserlo and Irma Doyle Beth Marrus Rob Summers
Mary Anne Dresler Katie Marshall Carol Suzdak
Joe Dubaj Stephanie Martin Maureen Sweeney
Jennifer and Kenny Duffy Heather Martley William Szostak
Diana and Timothy Dugan Amani Surges Martorella James Tagliaferro
Maura Dunnigan Theresa and Tony Marts Gregory Taylor
Teresa Dutton Tess Marts Edward Terry
Joshua Duvall Johanna Marvan and Paul Fuchs Robin Thomas
Maura Dwyer Josh Marx Barbara Thomas
Marcia and Robert Dysart Lesley Mathews Margaret Thompson
Kate Ehrenberger Joe McAndrew Bonnie Thomson
Bonny Eisenbise Terence McBride and Stephanie Safran Carrie and Jerry Thornbery
Gregory Emerson Lynn McCann Laia Tiderman
Zachary Van Epps Doris McClure Stephen Tillinghast
Carol Van Erven Lindsay McConnell Cathy Tipper
David Farkas Andrew McCrumb Daniel Tompkins
Aiden Faust Mila and Mack McDermott Brian Towns
Laurie Feinberg Meredith McDonagh Darlene and Craig Townsend
Ben Fertig Georgia and Daniel McDonald Cornelia and Edward Trimble
David and Rosemary Fetter Ben McDonald Susan Truitt
Bruce and Lisa Field Deirdre McElroy Elle Trusz
William Fike Beth McGee Susan Tucker
Patricia Fiorello Moira and Scott McGill Philip Tulkoff
Allison Fischbach Dan and Carla Mcgrain Collin Tydings
Mindie Flamholz Rachel McGrain David and Laura Urban
Fran and John Flanigan Joseph McGrain Elisabeth Vaeth
Mark Flanigan Margaret McHale Tommy and Krissy Ventre
Karen Fletcher John and Donna McKusick Debbie Veystrk
Judith Floam Marsha McLaughlin Greg Volpitta
Katie Flory Patrick McMahon Alice Volpitta and Alex Arguello
Laurence Fogelson Kerry McMahon Paul and Cynthia Wackerbarth
Rebecca Ford Brian Megali Louise Wagner
Barbara and Patrick Francis Elizabeth Melia Cynthia Wagner
David Frank Michelle Melton Clare Walker
Andrew Frank John Mernit Cynthia Wallace
Phillip Fratesi Harry Merritt and Susan Zator Jonathan Wangsvick
Marianne Freedman Suzanne Merryman Gay Warshaw
Eric Freidly Emma Mertens Robert Warwick
Ruth Frey Reid Messersmith Nettie Washburn
Frederick Frey Peggy Meyer Robert Wasik
Tracey Friedlander David Meyers and Roberta Strickler Patricia Watson
Judith Fulton and Mark Howard Elizabeth and James Miller Carol and Charles Webb
Phyllis Fung Eric Miller Jennifer Weeks
Eric Gally Mark Millspaugh Carl Wehmueller
Adele Paff Gammon Mike Minervini Jeff Weigele
Thomas Gamper Molly Mitchell and Vincent DeMarco August Weinbren
Amey Garber Kristen Mitchell David, Laurence, Adriel and Michael Weis
James Gardiner Mike Mobini Peter Weitzmann and Leslie Procter
Susan Gauvey Magda and Mark Mobley April Welch
Megan Gauvey-Kern Monty and Stephen Howard Morgan Wenzl
Barb and Thomas Gayler Margaret Moon Audrey West
Margaret Gebauer Joan Moore Laura and Brad Wheaton
Eric Gee Tracy Morgan Robert White
Jane Gehring Camden Morse Michael Whitson
Fred Gehris and Clarence Gehris Jr. Will and Kim Morton Susan Williams
Effie Gentry Camilla Morton John Williams
Maureen Gershberg Linda and Tom Mullen Shari Wilson
Patricia Ghingher and John Ghingher III TJ and Jennifer Mullen Peter Winch
Mary Gibson Janelle Mummey Thomas Witt
Phoebe Gilchrist Jeffrey Myers Laura Wixted
Jonathan Gitter Sharon and Josef Nathanson Brad and Crickett Woloson
Lauren Going Virginia Naylor Sue Woodman
Ruth Golabiewski Cassandra Naylor Ben Woods
Katherine Goodrich Daniel Neeley Sabra Woodward
Katherine Gordon Joshua Neiman Anne Yastremski
Olivia Gore Fiona Newton and Eric Johnson Nancy Young
Robert Goren Erik Nilson Eric Young
John Grace David Norbrook Emily Ziegler
Scott Grant Pam and Kevin O’Brien Anne Zorc
Olivia Zug and Joel Spano



Corporations and Organizations

1 North Wealth Services EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc MOM’s Organic Market
568 Productions: American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking Ecosystem Investment Partners, LLC Monument City Brewing Company
AGM Financial Services Ecotone, Inc. Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Avocet Home Inspections LLC Environmental Quality Resources LLC Mt. Washington Garden Club
Babikow Greenhouses ESD Associates National Association of Community Health Centers
Ballard Spahr LLC Exelon Corporation Oliver Family Law
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) Exelon Foundation Paypal
Baltimore Port Alliance Friends School of Baltimore Ports America Chesapeake
Baltimore Tai Chi Funders’ Network for Smart Growth & Livable Comm. RK&K
BB&T Garden Club of Twenty Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Bear Bones Books Baltimore Green Spring Valley Garden Club SBC Outdoor Services
Ben Frederick Realty, Inc. Greenebaum Enterprises Schwab Charitable
Best Management Products GreenVest, LLC Seawall Development
Betten Landscape Design Guilford Garden Club SMC – Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting
Blue Point Investment Management LLC Howard Bank St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc.
Brown Advisory HUB International Mid-Atlantic T. Rowe Price
C. Steinweg (Baltimore) Inc. J.Crew Terracycle Inc.
Cannon Design Janney Montgomery Scott The Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund The FOR Project
Cavano’s Perennials, Inc JLL The GoodCoin Foundation
Chesapeake Climate Action Network Joe’s Bike Shop The Hatcher Group
CityScape Engineering LLC Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson The Melting Pot
Clark Construction La Cuchara Tour Dem Parks, Hon! Inc
Colbert Matz Rosenfelt LLC Lake Walker Community Association Travelers
Cosima M&T Bank UpperJonesFalls.com
DBA Breakthru Beverage Maryland Mark Supik & Company Verizon Foundation
Design Collective Inc – Team EcoChallengers MCAllister towing Wayward Smokehouse
Dickeyville Garden Club McCormick & Company, Inc. Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra, LLC
Domino Foods, Inc. Merrill Lynch Xylem


Foundations and Trusts

Halle Family Foundation France-Merrick Foundation, Inc. The Abell Foundation
Howard Family Fund Frances and Howard Schloss Family Philanthropic Fund The Charles F. and Margaret M.H. Obrecht Family Foundation Inc,
Louise W. Cather Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Goldseker Foundation The Dallas Foundation
A.C. and Penney Hubbard Foundation, Inc. Hagan Family Fund The Frier Foundation
American Endowment Foundation Lockhart Vaughan Foundation The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
Anonymous Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds The JPB Foundation through the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities
Baltimore Community Foundation National Philanthropic Trust The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment
Bloomberg Philanthropies Pisces Foundation The Lancelotta Foundation
Bunting Family Foundation R. Scott Rosenberger Charitable Foundation, Inc. The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Caplan Family Foundation Rauch Foundation The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund
Chesapeake Bay Trust Renaissance Charitable Foundation W.R. Grace Foundation, Inc.
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Sally S. & Decatur H. Miller Private Foundation


Government Agencies

Baltimore City Department of Planning Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Baltimore County Dept. of Environmental Protection and Sustainability Maryland Department of Natural Resources