2022 Gift Guide

Blue Water Baltimore’s Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of clean water!

Each of these represent a critical area of need for our work that you can fund quickly and easily–
either as a gift to a loved one, or simply as a gift to future generations. All donations through the Holiday Gift Guide provide general support for Blue Water Baltimore’s work.

All gifts are tax-deductible! Printable gift certificates are available for download after purchase.

Provide materials for a classroom craft project

Equip our Education Team to lead students through interactive lessons on the impacts of pollutants on our wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Educate the community about sewage backups

Sewage backups are all too common in many areas of the city. Your donation helps our Advocacy team educate residents on reimbursement and cleanup programs. 

Buy a rapid bacteria test

Test the bacteria levels for one of our 49 monitoring sites across the watershed! Our Waterkeeper Team takes samples weekly. See the results at baltimorewaterwatch.org 

Give away one free tree to a community member

Our annual fall Tree Giveaways provide residents with no-cost trees and the knowledge on how to nurture them well! 

Outfit a tree planting volunteer with gloves and tools

Sharp and well maintained tools ensure our volunteers can plant and maintain trees, heightening our impact on the waterways!

Water a tree for two years

Ensure that one tree receives water all summer long for two years, and can continue serving the Baltimore Watershed!

Fuel the Waterkeeper boat for two weeks

Every week from March to November, our Waterkeeper Team takes samples across the watershed to monitor pollution levels. Help make that happen! 

Support our digital communications for two months

Support the team that brought you this gift guide, ensuring that we continue to keep in touch with you—the people who make our work possible!

Fund an emergency response to a pollution event

Ensure our Waterkeeper Team can address a pollution issue any time of day, any day of the week! The faster we act, the more damage we prevent.

Provide a season’s worth of soil at Herring Run Nursery

Outfit our Herring Run Nursery with a year’s worth of soil—ensuring they can continue serving and educating the greater Baltimore community on the value of native plants.

Plant 10 trees in a public space

Help expand the city’s tree canopy! Each mature tree can filter up to 100 gallons of water each day—playing an integral role in meeting our water quality goals.

Help buy our Forestry team a new truck

After years of service to the Baltimore Watershed, our trusty pickup—Big Blue—is on its way to Truck Heaven. Help us put funds towards the purchase of a new truck!

Make a memorial gift

In addition to the representative costs above, you can give any amount in honor or memory of a loved one and choose to have a digital or mailed card sent on your behalf.