Partners in Action: doing good is good for business


On a windy Friday afternoon, our restoration team was joined by a cheery group of volunteers at a vacant lot on North Washington street.  As we set up our check-in table, we were approached by Max Hart, Head of Creative Services at Flywheel Digital. Flywheel Digital is an advertising and marketing company that helps drive growth in digital commerce. They are a subsidiary of Ascential, a London-based media company serving clients in over 120 countries. There’s something beautiful about a company with such a large global reach working to make an impact locally. With an office in such close proximity to the harbor, Max feels that Flywheel has a responsibility to be a positive force in the area they are based in.   

Over the past year Flywheel has stood by —and benefitted—from its acts of social corporate responsibility.  What started off as a Google search for ‘volunteer opportunities’ grew into an impressive record of continuous engagement with Blue Water Baltimore. From a private learning session about the urban water cycle, to community tree plantings and trash cleanups Flywheel has done it all! By embracing our programs Flywheel has introduced new perspectives to employee while bolstering employee retention. “When I volunteer with Blue Water Baltimore I feel like I’ve achieved something… like I’m a part of something bigger” says Max. Moreover, he feels that our programs are a great way to do something in the ‘physical world’ when he spends so much time working in the ‘virtual world’.  

 “When I volunteer with Blue Water Baltimore I feel like I’ve achieved something… like I’m a part of something bigger.”
Max Hart, Head of Creative Services at Flywheel Digital

Partnering with BWB offers a lot more beyond much needed relief from remote work. It also broadens the lens by which Flywheel employees approach communications with their clients.  “[BWB Programs] get the cogs turning,” says Max, noting the real-world applications of our ecoliteracy work.  

Max strongly believes that the private sector as a whole needs to work harder to give back. When it comes to building a culture of inclusivity and holding ourselves accountable to the communities, we inhabit Max says, “It takes more than just words.” In 2020, companies like Flywheel Digital helped bring our mission to life. Learn more about how your company can partner with us to leave a legacy, and strengthen communities in Baltimore.